PATCH:P2P We need to set conf variable for group_idle timeout if application has not set it for p2p_client

Neeraj Kumar Garg neerajkg
Tue Oct 23 03:19:48 PDT 2012

This patch is to fix the group_removal for p2p_client when the application has not configured the p2p_group_idle timeout to a non-zero value. So wpa_s->conf->p2p_group_idle remains to a default value as 0. But we configure the timeout to P2P_MAX_CLIENT_IDLE if it is p2p_client and application configured value is 0. In the function wpas_p2p_group_idle_timeout(), we check for conf value being 0 and we are not p2p_client. Without the below patch, conf value remains 0 and since current_ssid is removed by wpa_supplicant_mark_disassoc(), we don't have info about current_ssid. Please note that error can be reproduced only if P2P GO is completely removed or no longer in p2p_client range.

The below patch simply sets the conf value to P2P_MAX_CLIENT_IDLE if timeout has been set.

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