why is an interfcae in monitor mode (mon.wlan0) needed

Christian Lamparter chunkeey
Sat Oct 13 14:51:47 PDT 2012

Hello Eugene,

On Saturday 13 October 2012 23:17:18 Eugene wrote:
> What do you mean "thing of the past"?
the mail's subject: "why is an interface in monitor mode
(mon.wlan0) needed".

> As far as I know the mac80211 support the BSS management for STA only.
> For the AP completely responsible hostapd.
> And mac80211 can forward the raw frames in to
> the hostapd via monitor interface or via netlink socket.
> Do you mean that mac80211 in the future will handle AP as well?
> Or netlink is more recommended?
> Or something other?
The extra "monitor interface" is a "thing of the past".


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