clear data transit during WPA negociation in case of reassociation

Cedric Debarge cedric.debarge
Fri Oct 12 08:31:30 PDT 2012

Hi all,

	I am experimenting roaming between two APs with wpa_supplicant (WPA2 + EAP-TLS).
	When WPA_Supplicant come back from an AP for which it has already cached the key, I saw that during WPA2 4 Handshake (in case of reassociation), data are sent through wpa_supplicant unencrypted.

	As soon as the WPA2 successfully ends its negotiation, the data are sent encrypted back.

	I attached to this email a Wireshark capture of the wireless transaction. Before this capture the frames were correctly encrypted. 
	You can see the start of the WPA2 4 Handshake protocol at packet number 10.
	During this 4 Handshake protocol you could see unencrypted iperf (UDP 5001) packets N?12/17/18/22/24.. until packet 55. 
	4 Handshake protocol ends at packet 49.

	Can you give me some clue how to work it out ?

Compat-Wireless = 20120614 (OpenWRT package) Ath9k
WPA_Supplicant  = 20120428 (OpenWRT package)

	Thank in advance.

Best regards,


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