VLAN support recently broken

michael-dev michael-dev
Fri Apr 20 10:35:32 PDT 2012


since hostapd skips the use of the monitor interface, assigning vlans 
to the stations with nl80211 does no longer work.

This is due to mac80211 dropping the EAPOL frames for key exchange as 
the target station is not associated, a situation which is created by 
hostapd sending these EAPOL frames along the bss main interface and not 
the vlan interface (after set_station is done). The attached patch fixes 
this by adding a vlan (ifname) parameter where required to be passed to 
the driver.

Furthermore, there is an issue with dynamic vlan creating. When 
starting up hostapd, it sometimes deletes the interface before instantly 
recreating it. This causes netlink DELLINK messages to be processed 
after the interface is up again, so the dynamic vlan interfaces are 
dropped from the hapd->conf->vlan linked list. The following NEWLINK 
message does not cause them the be added again (the name does not match 
the wildcard entry), so the vlan stays missing.
As my patch requires the hapd->conf->vlan list the be complete 
(otherwise vlan devices cannot be looked up when required), the patch 
fixes this as well by checking the vlan in-use counter when processing 
DELLINK messages.

Hostap-Signed-Off: Michael Braun <michael-dev at fami-braun.de>

  M. Braun

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