Wired Driver To use TUN/TAP interface only passing if authorised

Ed W lists
Tue Apr 17 03:56:28 PDT 2012

On 17/04/2012 11:04, Gregory Nietsky wrote:
> A while back i proposed a xtables extension to manage sessions WRT 
> enableing / disableing traffic to stations
> that are 802.1x authorized this requires the authorization bits in the 
> kernel.
> in parallel to this effort i have been experimenting with TUN/TAP 
> driver and think there is a strong case to
> use this in hostapd as the driver already creates a raw socket to 
> listen to PAE/DHCP bits [2 sockets]
> an example of how this is done is a small taploop daemon im using for 
> this concept
> https://pbx.distrotech.co.za:666/svn/netfilter_session/taploop.c

This looks fantastic - please continue on it.  Note the link above is 
password protected - any chance to see the code?


Ed W

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