hostap-1.0-rc3 update

Bjarke Istrup Pedersen gurli
Sat Apr 14 15:00:19 PDT 2012

2012/4/14 Chinchilla, Angie V <angie.v.chinchilla at>:
> The following additional commits from hostap have been picked up in
> hostap-1:
> c72bd6d49b39333b162196a245ba952037291674 AP: Reset STA timeout_next on
> driver-based-SME association
> 31b4961f02f222a5446988cd9f5f7d63acdd0508 Fix EAP/WPS to PSK transition on
> reassociation in authenticator
> 103b8f4dea947df496080f646a8a955d24fcdb3d P2P: Disconnect P2P group on
> supplicant deinit
> eb6f8c2bd4f944c972ff09ecb592e6dc19d3d895 P2P: Fix crash for failure case
> when WSC PIN is entered incorrectly
> 540609c55fd4b08e85029b5907188bc748ee59b2 Clarify comment in
> wpa_supplicant/defconfig
> af548f5320aac429043b54cc737c7895a05a1691 Save bgscan parameter into
> configuration file
> 52b2004285a82074ce74ff66230d61c2253d54f6 Change reason code for AP mode BSS
> termination to 3
> dbe7aa222510c6f02e7813cc6ea0cdf84d3fec9c P2P: Notify about disconnection
> only when needed
> 3c29244eb7a2dfd62d80ba4e6176de2889a5dca4 P2P: Add deinit_p2p_cli op to clear
> P2P client driver state
> ca8e039fec1352e2ece4fdbd6fde92fd461565a3 Fix memory leaks on
> radius_client_send error paths
> a4e73a0e470cde6fcf3983aca277f01540bb37fa Fix potential double free and use
> of freed memory in RADIUS client
> 526ec4aee84ed1ab25930d4445161a02aa5937cb P2P: Use P2P Device ID attribute if
> Device Info not available
> 83df8149463fe6e9ddf056b092f2d1907c073b53 Clear previous BSSID on explicit
> disconnection request
> 21d996f775a2131bb0c73d6e18ca9b382f017057 P2P: Add support for preferred
> channel list
> 17e729d49c32a02b815864ae8b85b81d24fef533 Sync with include/linux/nl80211.h
> from wireless-testing.git
> 8c472816fd2a234776356de8dc26f304376c48c6 P2P: Do not use group idle timeout
> during provisioning
> f4329aa2d08192640532b712936f5221580e9f8c P2P: Validate p2p_oper_channel in
> p2p_group_add
> Once the following submissions are reviewed by Jouni and available, I will
> tag rc3:
> ?? [PATCH] P2P: Fix Dbus property getters to default to "/" for Group,
> PeerGO ? nirav shah
> ?? [PATCH] P2P/DBUS: Cleanup P2PDevice DBUS interface for hostap-1 release
> nirav shah

Nice :o)

Both of these have been added to the main git repo, so they should be
safe to pull in and tag :o)

I'll take care of getting it in Gentoo Linux as soon as the tag is online.

Is the timeframe for 1.0 release still rc3 + 1 week?


> -Angie
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