xt_802.1X Enable IP / Use Idle-Time / Session limits to limit traffic [netfilter/wired] [COMMIT]

Gregory Nietsky gregory
Sun Apr 8 13:13:53 PDT 2012

On 08/04/2012 19:31, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> This seems to be Linux kernel code and an extension to iptables and as 
> as such, would be better reviewed on a more suitable mailing list like 
> netdev.
>> im hoping that someone can comment on the usefulness / suitability of
>> this WRT hostapd.
> Assuming those changes to the Linux kernel get accepted, using this
> component would sound like a useful addition to hostapd for wired IEEE
> 802.1X.
Indeed this could be implemented in hostapd but is not OS independent 
and has been
discussed / rejected on this list in the past.

a kernel module / netfilter plug in is more efficient than a 
hook/tun/tap/.... more work but
the right thing todo ...

ill be posting this once its polished off a bit the motivation is to get 
the support i need
into hostapd expect a patch for this soon.

Thank you for the feedback anyone that has questions suggestions is 
welcome to contact me.

dont tell the girlfriend but we over at the inlaws for easter and having 
a "project" to work on is cheaper than
psychological assistance or drugs :D .


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