[PROPOSAL] Add hostapd.conf parameter to skip check forneighboring BSS (prevent fallback in 150Mb mode)

Jouni Malinen j
Sun Apr 8 02:35:34 PDT 2012

On Sun, Mar 04, 2012 at 09:00:29AM +0200, Alex Vorona wrote:
> Scan for neighboring BSSes prior to enabling 40 MHz channel
> [...]
> 40 MHz affected channel range: [2422,2472] MHz
> Neighboring BSS: cc:96:a0:f5:4a:00 freq=2422 pri=3 sec=7
> 40 MHz pri/sec mismatch with BSS cc:96:a0:f5:4a:00 <2422,2442> (chan=3+) vs. <2457,2437>
> 20/40 MHz operation not permitted on channel pri=10 sec=6 based on overlapping BSSes
> I can change channel to any between 1 and 10 in hostapd.conf and got the same result.
> using HT40- instead HT40+ did not help.

Did you try using the same combination as the conflicting BSS, i.e.,
channel 3 HT40+? The only rule that hostapd is currently using for 40
MHz channels on 2.4 GHz band is to mandate that the same pri/sec
channels are used with any other 40 MHz BSS in the affected frequency

If there is more than one 40 MHz BSS on 2.4 GHz already running with
conflicting channels, they should not really have started in the first
place.. Is that the case here?

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