802.11n ht connects then disconnects

Johannes Berg johannes
Wed Apr 4 00:14:10 PDT 2012

On Tue, 2012-04-03 at 20:10 -0700, Daniel Havey wrote:
> I must be misunderstanding something here.
> I'm using auth_algs=1 and wpa=0, just for testing but my hostapd
> starts a RADIUS accounting session then disconnects.  I don't get it.
> I get:
> MLME-ASSOCIATE.indication
> RADIUS: starting accounting session
> nl80211: Event message available
> nl80211: Ignored unknown event (cmd=19)
> mgmt::deauth
> deauthentication: STA=00:0b:6b:b1:20:14 reason_code=3
> Why does it need the RADIUS server if everything is open?  Reason code
> 3 means that the client disconnected?  Why?  Hmmmm...
> Is there something wrong with my driver?  It seems like it's compiled
> okay.  All the ht stuff is compiled in.
> Is there something wrong with my hostapd.conf?  I'm confused %^)

What is the client? It looks like the client decides to disconnect, most
likely because you didn't set up DHCP and it is expecting it .....


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