wpa_supplicant on WinCE6

Srinivas srinivas.chappidi
Mon Apr 2 00:31:33 PDT 2012


1. I have found crash during configuring wpa_supplicant for WPA mode on 
The crash is on crypto API.
+cryptoapi_hash_vector1 CryptAcquireContext Failed
wpa_supp: CryptoAPI: CryptAcquireContext: -2146893802
Exception 'Data Abort' (4): Thread-Id=07a70002(pth=855a44f8), 
Proc-Id=07a60002(pprc=855a40c0) 'wpa_supplicant.exe', 
VM-active=07a60002(pprc=855a40c0) 'wpa_supplicant.exe'
RA=000a2a6c(wpa_supplicant.exe+0x00092a6c) SP=000cea00, BVA=00000001.

2. How to configure the OpenSSL library for WinCE 6.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks -Srinivas

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