P2p_peers command

Marek.Kwaczynski at tieto.com Marek.Kwaczynski
Fri Sep 30 02:45:05 PDT 2011


I would like to ask about p2p_peers command and P2P_PEER_EXPIRATION_AGE time. Is it correct behaviour that all p2p_devices are removed from list of peers although they are send Probe Requests all time?
The filed last_seen from p2p_device structure isn't updated because this device is known. From my point of view if the device is active every time this field should be updated. I attached patch with small change that fixes this issue. Maybe you decide that it is useful.

2) The second issue:
When two devices are connected (the first one is GO and the second one is p2p_client)  they don't send Probe Requests/Responses beetwen each other and it is a root cause that they are removed from list of peers. Is it correct? Maybe these devices should be kept on the list during connection?

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