Hostapd as remote authenticator

Khamidulla Inoyatov kinoyatov
Mon Sep 19 11:51:00 PDT 2011

Dear Jouni Malinen,

Tank you for your quick replay. I appreciate your time and consideration.
However i have some question regarding separation of Authentication
functionalists of hostapd. In your replay you wrote:

>* Currently i want to configure IEEE 802.11r in Access Point while*>* > Authenticator capabilities will be in other PC in network. And*>* > authentication will be using EAP-TLS. Is this kind of scenario is*>* possible?*>**>* Not supported currently.*

Can SME and Access Controller functionalists of hostapd spited using CAPWAP?
if CAPWAP will implemented in hostapd as one separate functional block.

P.S. How can I download hostapd_devel.pdf?

Sincerely yours,
Khamidulla Inoyatov
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