Hostapd as remote authenticator

Khamidulla Inoyatov kinoyatov
Sat Sep 17 09:22:57 PDT 2011

Dear hostapd mailing list memebers,

I want to know following things about hostapd in topology below:

MN <---wireless link----> AP < ---- wired link -----> PC with two eth
interface where hostapd installed <----wired link---->AAA Server

- Can hostapd be installed in PC with two eth interfaces and control
remotely AP for authentication in above topology?
- what dose it mean "driver=wired" in hostapd configuration file? dose it
mean remote control of AP or control just wired mac?
- Can hostapd installed in AP with limited functionality like station
management entity while authenticator functionality will be in PC with two
eth interface where hostapd installed?
- Is there some documentation about how to configure IAPP?
- Is there some documents about how to configure IEEE 802.11r?
- Is IEEE 802.11r current implementation compatible with EAP-TLS?

Currently i want to configure IEEE 802.11r in Access Point while
Authenticator capabilities will be in other PC in network. And
authentication will be using EAP-TLS. Is this kind of scenario is possible?

Thank you in advance for your replay.
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