PENDING behaviour in eap_sim_db

Ming-Ching Tiew mctiew
Fri Sep 16 21:01:56 PDT 2011

--- On Thu, 9/15/11, Ming-Ching Tiew <mctiew at> wrote:

> OK I did another test, this time I
> took out the and freeradius from the equation,
> meaning I compiled hostapd, and run it as a radius server.
> Inside the configuration file, I specified :-
> eap_sim_db=unix:/tmp/hlr_auc_gw.sock
> Then I run eapol_test -c eap-sim.conf -s testing123,
> The authentication also failed. So now maybe some other
> configurations I did not do right .......

OK I have identified the configuration error. It seems in my set up I got the triplet configuration in the reverse order ( eg RAND1 on client becomes RAND3 on the server vice vesa ). After fixing that hostapd/eapol_test are able to work even if the eap_sim_db is giving the pending behaviour. 

Now the question is how to plug this PENDING behaviour into freeradius.

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