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Christ Schlacta lists
Sun Sep 11 19:16:54 PDT 2011

Please don't post multiple times.  Someone will eventually have the 
answer to your question, but as you've posted on the weekend, it's 
highly unlikely to be today.  Give it a week or two as you have a highly 
specialized question.  SOmeone will know.
On 9/11/2011 19:13, why wrote:
> Hello, I want to use eapol_test to test the EAP-SIM and have some 
> questions.
> 1.Does the  "<num  triplets>" mean rand, kc and sers and what's 
> format(rand Kc sers)? Now I only know the IMSI and Ki, how can i get 
> the "triplets" by hostapd?
> 2.I use a SIM card reader and install the pcsc-lite. How should i use 
> the pcscd in the wpa_supplicant(The PCSC dir is in /usr/local/include)?
> Thank you very much!
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