Monitor interface for P2P

Ecco Inhyang Park eccopark
Thu May 26 10:44:48 PDT 2011

> What do you mean with "p2p interface" and how would you receive (and
> send) management frames using it?

I mean p2p-eth0-x for p2p virtual interface.
We can receive management frames using NL80211_CMD_FRAME, but need to modify some codes in driver_nl80211.c

> The current nl80211 implementation is hardcoded to use monitor interface
> in some cases, but it should certainly be possible to extend this to use
> other mechanisms (e.g., the existing nl80211 commands/events for sending
> management/action frames). AP mode functionality uses monitor interface
> for sending and receiving EAPOL frames which will also need to be
> modified to use the normal data frames instead. This has some
> implications to multi-SSID/BSSID support, so those need to be kept in
> mind when doing the change.

Yes, I already comment out in wpa_driver_nl80211_hapd_send_eapol to prevent sending EAPOL frame through monitor interface.
Instead of that, we can use p2p virtual interface(p2p-eth0-x) for sending EAPOL frame.

> In addition, there may be need for providing
> a new driver capability advertisement to allow wpa_supplicant (or
> hostapd) to figure out which mechanism to use for sending/receiving
> frames.

Do you mean that we need driver capability in cfg80211 to check whether the driver support monitor interface or not ?

In my opinion, we can define some flags like MONITOR_SUPPORT  in Makefile of wpa_supplicant to check monitor capability at compile time.

What do you think about that?


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