Intel wifi5300 sends an incorrect Registrar Nonce

Takashi Kawamoto tkawamoto
Thu May 26 01:46:49 PDT 2011

Hi All,

I'm running WPS with hostapd-0.7.3 and an External Registrar on the 
following environment and come across a failure of Registration Protocol.

  Kernel      :
  Distribution: Fedora 7
Registrar     : Windows Vista

When I use Intel wifi5300 (Driver Ver:13.5.0 ) as an Enrollee, it 
responds a WSC-ACK including an incorrect Registrar Nonce after 
hostapd sends M2D to wifi5300. The Registrar Nonce is the same as used 
in the previous Registration Protocol session.

Is there anyone experiencing the same phenomenon?

This phenomenon seems to apparently ascribe to the Intel's chip 
implementation. However, if hostapd waits for an External Registrar 
sending a PutWLANResponse before starting sending M2/M2D, hostapd will 
get a valid Device Password and send M2, not M2D. How do you think?


Takashi Kawamoto

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