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Timothy Godfrey timothy.godfrey
Tue May 17 17:19:40 PDT 2011


I am using hostap to create a wireless link with one station host, and I'm
attempting to stream low latency audio over the link. Generally it works
well, with about 120 microseconds of latency, and the occasional lost
(dropped, late, collision) packet. I have configured the access point to be
'hidden' (only reply to beacon requests that already know the complete
ssid), and this works well. However, I think the station host is
periodically sending beacon requests, and these requests along with the
replies interrupt the stream of audio. Is there any way that I can disable
replies to any beacon requests, after a station has associated?

I am thinking that I am going to have to modify the source code, and include
a command in the cli interface to turn beacon responses on or off. Any
suggestions where to get started? Is there any documentation on adding
functions to the cli interface?

An alternative solution would be to have a Contention Free Period using the
Point Coordination Function. As far as I can tell hostapd does not support
any other medium access control methods other than Distributed Coordination
Function (CSMA/CD). Is this correct? Has anyone implemented any of the QoS
mac methods?

Many thanks!
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