[PATCH] Add proper messages for Android network manager

Irfan Sheriff isheriff
Fri Feb 25 12:36:33 PST 2011

   >> I would prefer to add this into wpas_notify_state_changed() instead of

>  >> here. Do you want this to show up in debug log, too, or would
> >> wpa_msg_ctrl() be more appropriate here? In addition, I'm not completely
> >> sure about the use of pending_bssid here.. What is that BSSID value used
> >> for? Please note that pending_bssid may not be the current BSSID.
> >>
> >
> > You are right, it fits much better to wpas_notify_state_changed().
> > And yes, I realize that pending_bssid is not the current one, but
> > Network manager is using
> > it sometimes. I am pretty sure we can use your message.
> We do need pending_bssid. It has a correct value when state is changed
> and network manager is tracking it for its purposes.

Actually, it is useful when the state is WPA_ASSOCIATING.
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