Monitor Mode

Johannes Berg johannes
Fri Feb 25 06:25:45 PST 2011

Don't drop the mailing list.

On Fri, 2011-02-25 at 14:14 +0000, Carlos Guimar?es wrote:

> Yes, I'm using nl80211 driver.
> It is possible to received management frames in user space without
> creating a virtual device in monitor mode, ie, it is possible for a
> NIC in Managed Mode pass management frames to userspace?


> > > Other thing, is that using Atheros NIC it only receive Probe Request
> > > and send Probe Responses. Why aren't beacon frames being processed? At
> > > configuration file everything seems ok to me.
> >
> > This was recently fixed in mac80211.
> I'm some kind of new to kernel things. What you are saying is that I
> need to load a new module of mac80211 correct?

You need to upgrade, yes.


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