[PATCH] supplicant: Add timers for SME associate & authenticate.

Ben Greear greearb
Thu Feb 24 09:55:01 PST 2011

On 02/24/2011 09:52 AM, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 09:30:07AM -0800, Ben Greear wrote:
>> I think I was worried that the authenticate logic would fail to
>> complete and get stuck in some half-auth state.  Starting the timer
>> earlier ensured that something would kick it.  I'm not sure the
>> scan itself would fix up a bad state transition...
> If you can reproduce that, I would like to see wpa_supplicant debug log
> with timestamps showing what happened. wpa_supplicant should be able to
> recover from mismatching authentication state after the scan. If not,
> that part needs to be fixed instead of extending the SME auth timeout to
> cover something else than actual authentication request.

Ok, it will likely be a while..we're about to release, so I want to
keep the code as is for now.  I'll remove that patch at the start of
the next dev cycle and see what falls out.


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