About eap-aka test with hostapd

彦 张 yzhang0528
Thu Feb 17 01:54:38 PST 2011

Thanks you for you great help , my work for eap-aka have a good progress.
but now it is stopped when MAC check error in challenge, it says that the MAC from supplicant and server is not match.
So, I have to trouble you with some questions:
1. the supplicant i used is Xsupplicant, I found that the xsupplicant didn't support with eap-aka in the eap_testing.txt. Is it means the hostapd is not supported to work with xsupplicant for eap-aka?
2. Now,the parameters filled in the hlr_auc_gw.milenage_db are same as the parameters in Xsupplicant side, Is it right? I found the SQN of milenage_db is increasing.
Thanks very much.
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