Queries on P2P NoA API

Mr MILIND BEDARE soumik_kgp
Thu Feb 3 03:42:55 PST 2011

Hi Jouni,

I was looking at the new driver?interface changes for accommodating p2p specific 
NoA power management features and I have a few queries on this.

1. The set_noa( ) function takes only 3 parameters count, start and duration. 
This is sufficient But it misses the interval parameter. Is it assumed that NOA 
interval will always be 1 beacon interval? Will it be better to add a new 

2. Also, I can see the NOA attribute in P2P IE is being modified in case of 
presence request. But for normal NoA operation the same is not true. So, for 
normal NoA, the driver must make sure to update the NoA attribute in P2P IE of 
beacon/probe response. Is this corrcet?

3. Similarly on P2P client, any change in NoA attribute of the P2P GO will be 
monitored and acted upon by the mac/driver. Hostapd/supplicant has no role to 
play here. Is this so? In that case set_noa() will only be used in P2P GO.



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