[BUG] Cannot pass raw key through .Interface.AddNetwork Dbus method.

Tomasz Bursztyka tomasz.bursztyka
Tue Feb 1 22:47:35 PST 2011


>> this code puts always quotes to the entry "psk"
>> I presume here we should not put quotes if only psk:
>> - is 64 characters length
>> - and its content is strictely made of [0-9a-fA-F]
> I think it was initially intended for the PSK to be sent as a byte array
> if it wasn't a passphrase.  Which implies the client does the
> hex->binary conversion itself.  Which is already handled correctly.
> However, if the value *is* sent as an unquoted string, then yeah, the
> supplicant probably should try to make life easier by auto-converting
> it.

Well yes I really think wpa_supplicant should make life easier. As you
say, sending psk as byte array moves the problem to client side:
detecting that the psk is not a passphrase but a raw key, hex->binary
conversion etc...
Jouni pointed out a bug in my patch, I will fix it. I really think
wpa_supplicant dbus interface should be easy to use, like the
configuration file itself is actually.


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