wpa_supplicant + ti1251 (tiwlan)

Me mojo1736
Thu Dec 29 05:50:43 PST 2011

> Come on, this was written two years ago... How can you consider this?
This was the only comprehensive guide I could find on the problems I've 
had (openembedded.org excluded, of course). I also checked various other 
sources, but the underlying theme to them all was that the standard 
Linux wireless stack does not work well with Android and the wl12xx 
implementation is poor in terms of implementation, functionality and 
power-saving features (which is also important, considering my phone's 
battery is a bit limited).

If you know/have any guidance/source, which is more recent that Bob's 
log I would be grateful if you could provide this.

>     Do you have any experience with building and installing this driver on
>     Android?
> Yes, and it is way more positive than the one for wilink.
I presume you are using the android kernel, right? If so, which version 
and how do you manage to compile this driver and, presumably, include 
the standard Linux wireless stack that driver needs?

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