wpa_supplicant: ServiceDiscoveryRequest signal (dbus)

윤민홍 mhyun
Tue Dec 20 16:49:50 PST 2011

Dear Jouni Malinen,

I modified wpas_sd_request() code to call  wpas_notify_p2p_sd_request() function before returning.
And it works in the way I expected. Now wpa_supplicant sends multiple ServiceDiscoveryRequest signals before canceling SD request.

Please consider this in next patch or release.

Modified code is (wpas_sd_request() in p2p_supplicant.c ):
	if (wpa_s->p2p_sd_over_ctrl_iface){
		wpas_notify_p2p_sd_request(wpa_s, freq, sa, dialog_token,	// added to send signal to dbus
				   update_indic, tlvs, tlvs_len);
		return; /* to be processed by an external program */

Best Regards,

Minhong Yun

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On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 02:17:17PM +0900,     ? wrote:

> Im trying to process service discovery requests with external software.
> Im using dbus APIs.

> ServiceDiscoveryRequest signal is triggered (one time) 
> P2P-SERV-DISC-REQ message is shown (One time) Processing SD request 
> externally No signal Multiple P2P-SERV-DISC-REQ messages are shown 
> until using p2p_serv_disc_resp command

You may be the first one trying to do that with the D-Bus API.. I haven't looked at the details there, but it is quite possible that this is not yet supported through the D-Bus interface.

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