OT: how to change eapol_test.c to use same udp source port?

Vincent Li vincent.mc.li
Sun Dec 18 10:10:39 PST 2011


this topic might be off, I have a situation that I need to modify
eapol_test.c or some part of wpa_supplicant to let eapol_test.c use
same udp source port to test my radius server to reproduce a problem,
I looked an eapol_test.c code, it is not obvious to me where I can
change it to use same source port. could somepone shed a light on

I can modify radclient.c from freeradius to use same source port, but
radclient seems can't do EAP, so I thought eapol_test would be the
best for me to change it.

Thanks in advance


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