Recommend a NIC for 802.11n and hostapd

Lasse Jensen and0806
Thu Dec 15 14:28:58 PST 2011

Hi list
Can someone recommend a nice NIC for true 802.11n speed for my home AP/Router?
Right now I'm trying to build a box with a Dlink DWA 547 in a PCI slot and 3 PCI Realtek gigabit NICS but I can only get close to 802.11g speed around 25mbit/s
This is the 3 week of testing and now i'm about to give up on this DWA547 therefore I'll be very happy if someone could give me a hint to a true 802.11n interface that truly works, PCI, PCIe or USB or some other AGP or headphone jack if just it works in "n" mode.
/Lasse Jensen
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