EAP-TNC SoH Health Attributes

Francois Gaudreault fgaudreault
Mon Dec 12 06:54:02 PST 2011

> Is there an expectation that network administrators use a reasonable
> policy for Linux/OS X or this more likely just to workaround the
> Microsoft-focused policy by providing whatever information it takes to
> get connected?
I think the expectations are that a Linux/Mac OSX should comply with the 
same policy as MS machines do, not just a workaround.  I don't see why a 
Linux/Mac machine that is not up to date should be allowed more on the 
network than a Microsoft machine that is fully up to date... Maybe the 
Linux have a remote exploit available that could have been fixed if the 
OS was up-to-date... You see what I mean?  (That's just a "cheesy" 
example).  I believe that every pc, whatever "Desktop" OS is installed 
(Linux/Mac/Windows), should comply to the same enterprise policy.

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