Logging unsolicited events in hostapd_cli

Fabio Tignanelli Fabio.Tignanelli
Wed Aug 31 08:37:12 PDT 2011

Hi all,
I am using HostAPD v0.6.9 available on Fedora 12 distribution.

I am looking at the use of hostapd_cli and how unsolicited events can be captured.

I was expecting to see the print out of an unsolicited message on the hostapd_cli prompt saying something like "authenticated" when a station would authenticate.

1) Is there anything I need to configure in the hostapd or hostapd_cli to get a notification of events like "authenticated" or "connected" in the hostapd_cli?

2) Is there a way I can update HostAPD v0.6.9 to the latest version v0.7.3 on my Fedora 12 without incurring in any compatibility trouble (I have tried to update the rpm package with yum but it seems v0.6.9 is as far as Fedora 12 can go)?



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