WPS problems.

gene heskett gheskett
Thu Aug 18 07:55:01 PDT 2011

Greetings, new to list & new to wireless.

Running 32 bit ubuntu 10.04 LTS on problem area bits of the system.

1. I have a netgear WNA3100 dongle plugged into my lappy.
2. I have much of my real estate cabled, so the local net topology is
(uppercase is model of device)
I want to use the WGR614V10 as an access point, coupled to the WNA3100
plugged into the lappy.

I also have a separate computer cabled only to the LAN port(s) of the 
WGR614V10 so I can configure both ends of the system.

Both of these devices have the WPS button and I have supplied the
WGR614V10 with a nice 63 character passphrase.  The WNA3100 has very good
ears, seeing 10 to 13 "cells" in my neighborhood, including the WGR614V10
broadcasting its SSID at -19dbm.

However no apparent attempt at a connection has ever succeeded.

To get as far as I have required that I download and build ndiswrapper
version 1.56 as it is not available in the Ubuntu Lucid repos.  I have
extracted and installed the bcmwlhigh5 firmware for the WNA3100, and
it does an 'iwlist scan' like a hungry bloodhound.

What are the minimum versions of all the involved linux software, like 
NetworkManager, wpasupplicant, ndistgk, etc, that are needed to pull this 
off successfully?

Or, is it known that the WGR614V10 is not capable of service as an access
point?  Its not a very expensive device, $35 at Wallmart.  I can exchange 
it for another WNBR2000v3 is needed.

Thanks all.

Cheers, gene
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