Open source 802.1x authenticator

Aurélien Geron aurelien.geron
Thu Aug 11 09:24:49 PDT 2011


I am looking for an open source 802.1x authenticator for wired access control that runs on Linux (if possible Debian).

I have two Windows PCs with 802.1x activated on their ethernet ports, and they are connected directly to a Linux box, which is itself connected to a RADIUS server and to the Internet.  I want the Linux box to play the role of the 802.1x authenticator (block all traffic until proper 802.1x authentication has succeeded, with the user being authenticated by the RADIUS server).

Here's a bit more details:

Apparently hostapd is more for WiFi access, but it seems to include a 802.1x authenticator.  Is it possible to use hostapd purely for 802.1x access control, without using WiFi at all?

Thanks a lot.
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