DWA-556 not working as AP

sami ahokas sami.m.ahokas
Thu Aug 4 23:48:42 PDT 2011


I don't know if my issue is related to ath9k driver or hostapd so I'm
sending this to both lists. My problem is following:

When using D-link dwa-556 (Atheros AR5418 on board) as an AP, RX
direction seems to be deaf. AP sends beacons but it doesn't recognize
probe requests sent by the stations. I can verify that stations really
send probe requests because I have AirMagnet wifi analyzer in place.
So, I can be sure that rx side has problems.

Then I change D-links role to station and make a connection to another
AP, say AP2. Station role works fine, I can ping the AP2. If I then
change D-links role back to AP it starts to work. This is strange to
me. How come use of station mode gets ap mode to work?

If I reboot my board after this, AP role works right from the start.
But if I toggle the power of my board, AP mode gets broken again. What
could cause this kind of behavior? Is there something in AR5418
registers that is left uninitialized in AP mode in the driver or

I'm using Linux kernel version 2.6.33 on powerpc platform. Hostapd
version is 0.7.3 and wpa_supplicant is 0.7.3 too.

I really appreciate any help.


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