Which wireless adapter should I choose

Pavel Roskin proski
Tue Aug 2 15:54:44 PDT 2011

On 07/29/2011 05:38 PM, austin wonderly wrote:
> Hello! I currently have a dlink dwa 552 but I am having some issues with
> hostapd becoming unresponsive while using this adapter, which I am not even
> sure if the adapter is the source of the problem :( any ways I was wondering
> if there were any known issues with this card, and if not I was wondering
> what you guys would recommend for a good pci wireless n card that plays nice
> with hostapd, thanks! Any help is really appreciated :)

There is way too little information in your post.

What is the version of hostapd?  If that's the program that gives you 
the problem, its version number is highly relevant.  The main point of 
releasing new versions is to resolve users' problems!

What is the version of the kernel?  The kernel works with the card and 
talks to hostapd.

What is the revision of the card?  Some cards even have different 
chipsets in different revisions.

What driver do you use?  Is it ath9k or madwifi or something else?

What is "unresponsive"?  What do you do with it, what kind of response 
do you expect and what do you actually observe?  Is there anything 
interesting in the kernel log?

It's hard to give an intelligent response to your question without 
having all that information.

I used to have two DWA-552 cards.  One have the antennas wide apart 
and it didn't work on some motherboards.  Another had the antennas close 
to each other (http://www.compupoint.ca/images/DWA-552.jpg) and worked 
on the systems where the first one didn't work.  That's a totally 
anecdotal observation, and may be irrelevant to your issue.

Pavel Roskin

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