How to request PAC when anonymous provision is enabled in wpa_supplicant?

2008 vpn vpn2008
Mon Aug 1 01:44:33 PDT 2011


In function eap_fast_process_decrypted there is following code to request

if (data->current_pac == NULL && data->provisioning &&
    !data->anon_provisioning && !tlv.pac &&
    (tlv.iresult == EAP_TLV_RESULT_SUCCESS ||
     tlv.result == EAP_TLV_RESULT_SUCCESS)) {
 * Need to request Tunnel PAC when using authenticated
 * provisioning.
wpa_printf(MSG_DEBUG, "EAP-FAST: Request Tunnel PAC");
tmp = eap_fast_pac_request();
resp = wpabuf_concat(resp, tmp);

But this is only for (!data->anon_provisioning) is true.

And function  eap_fast_pac_request is only called here.

How is anonymous provision?

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