"Too many aps breaks wpa_supplicant"

Holger Schurig holgerschurig
Wed Mar 31 02:35:43 PDT 2010

> > http://www.blackalchemy.to/project/fakeap/
> Thanks. Otherwise looks good, but talks only about hostap. Any ideas
> if it would work with mac80211?

It talks about the hostap driver, not about hostapd, the daemon.

Remember, this tool is so old it was written when fullmac drivers where the 
common thing. The tool injects management frames (probably beacons) with faked 
SSIDs. At this time (and even now), this couldn't be done with orinoco_cs, 
which was quite prominent then.

However, even then the hostap driver was available and here you could inject 
management frames, which for example hostapd (not the driver the daemon!) 

So basically you can inject management frames with each driver hostapd works, 
and that would include mac80211. The original source I pointed out can be a 


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