Communication between hostap and Radius Server (several hops away)

Douglas Diniz dgdiniz
Wed Mar 24 09:01:41 PDT 2010

Thanks M. Braun. One more question, even with EAP-TTLS the MSK is sent
only with MD5 encryption, with Radius Shared Secret as seed, right?


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> Hi,
> Douglas Diniz schrieb:
>> Hi, I have several terminals with hostap installed. I need to
>> authenticate them in a Radius Server (Freeradius), but the radius
>> server is several hops away from the terminals. Do I need some type of
>> proxy to do this?
> Radius is UDP over IP or IPv6. So as long as your network layer is setup
> correctly (e.g. routing is fine), this should not be a problem.
> If you cannot route directly to the target radius server or if you
> have to split serveral reals to different radius servers, you'll need to
> setup a proxy radius server. This proxy radius server may also serve one
> or more realms on its own, thus it does not need to be a proxy-only server.
>> I also need to encrypt the packets between hostap
>> and freeradius. Someone could give me some directions?
> Regarding user credentials, using EAP with TTLS avoids this.
> For any further needs, just use IPsec or any kind of VPN.
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