Fwd: Hostapd setup with external registrar

long shawn longjshawn
Wed Mar 17 23:02:02 PDT 2010

I'd like to add something.
I know the external registrar can setup with the AP with two method:
The first, EAP-based setup of external registrar.
The second,Ethernet-based setup of external registrar.
And I can find the code of Ethernet-based setup.But not the first one.
Could anybody please introduce the first one?

Thanks very much.
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Date: 2010/3/18
Subject: Hostapd setup with external registrar
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I have a wifi adapter with the AP's PIN, and the AP runing with hostapd
Does the hostapd support to setup with EAP-based setup of external
If it works, where can I find the code?
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