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Wed Mar 17 18:50:58 PDT 2010


I am testing my radius server with eapol_test that comes with the wpa_supplicant. 

If the radius server is down, I want the eapol_test to not give up trying to talk to the radius server. So, i set the parameter RADIUS_CLIENT_MAX_WAIT to 99999 seconds and the eapol_test timeout to 10000. But, still it will stop just before the next client retransmit that is in 48 seconds. Is there any other parameter to modify? thanks for your help.

is taken from src/radius/radius_client.c from wpa_supplicant.

/* Defaults for RADIUS retransmit values (exponential backoff) */
#define RADIUS_CLIENT_FIRST_WAIT 3 /* seconds */
#define RADIUS_CLIENT_MAX_WAIT99999 /* seconds */
#define RADIUS_CLIENT_MAX_RETRIES 10 /* maximum number of retransmit attempts
                                      * before entry is removed from retransmit
                                      * list */
#define RADIUS_CLIENT_MAX_ENTRIES 30 /* maximum number of entries in retransmit
                                      * list (oldest will be removed, if this
                                      * limit is exceeded) */
#define RADIUS_CLIENT_NUM_FAILOVER 4 /* try to change RADIUS server after this
                                      * many failed retry attempts */


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