Client can't see AP

Ervin Hegedüs airween
Sun Mar 14 13:21:50 PDT 2010

Hello there,

more info about this problem (when client disconnect, AP doesn't see)
- when I send a SIGUSR1, dump file didn't make
- I have used it with Linux, here is the relevant part of log:
Mar 14 21:12:09 thinky wpa_supplicant[1264]: Association request to
the driver failed
Mar 14 21:12:10 thinky wpa_supplicant[1264]: CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED -
Disconnect event - remove keys
Mar 14 21:12:10 thinky NetworkManager: <info>  (eth1): supplicant
connection state:  associating -> disconnected
these 3 lines repeated in log until I restart hostapd

I have compiled newer version (0.7.1), but no different.

I have wrote to rt2x00 list, but no answer... (

Please help me!

Thank you:


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