Clean way to retrieve information from EAP methods

Gregory Detal gregory.detal
Thu Mar 11 04:51:24 PST 2010


We are currently working on the implementation of a new EAP method. This 
method generates keys that need to be used outside the hostapd daemon.
Therefore, I'm looking for an elegant way to retrieve those keys.
Currently, I've added a new command to the hostapd_cli tool which call 
recursively each layer for status information (as the control message 
STATUS in wpa_supplicant but here per sta). To retrieve information from 
the EAP state machine, i've planned to add a new element (e.g., struct 
wpabuf * (*status)(int verbose);) to the eap_method structure. This 
element needs to be defined by an EAP method that wants to share 
information (here: the keys).
Do you think this is a clean solution (does it break the standard?)?

Best regards,

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