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Jouni Malinen j
Wed Mar 10 01:54:45 PST 2010

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 10:51:57AM +0200, ronit fichman wrote:

> i am tring to connect woth WPS pin to the hostapd
> i got WSC_NACK from the station to M4 message
> do you have any idea why ?

Which Configuration Error attribute value did the station use in
WSC_NACK? M4 is the first message that indicates whether the Registrar
knows the Device Password (PIN) or well, first half of it. The WSC_NACK
here could indicate that the devices where using different PIN.

> do you have configuration file for pin ?

Which PIN are you using? If you are using hostapd as the AP with an
internal Registrar, the Device Password should be a PIN from the
Enrollee/station. This is set over the control interface, e.g., with
hostapd_cli wps_pin any 12345670.

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