Dennis Borgmann dennis.borgmann
Thu Mar 4 06:17:21 PST 2010

Hi hostap-list!

Short question, maybe short answer?

Is it possible to bridge a wireless card with an ethernet card using WDS
and thereby using WPA?

Long question, maybe long answer?

I have set up a simple testnetwork using two ALIX-Boards with
Gigabyte-Cards using Atheros chips. Because of simplicity, I am just
using madwifi-0.9.4. I have successfully set up a wireless bridge using
WDS with help of this tutorial:

So far, this seems to be ok, although it is a little outdated. The best
in my opinion would be a fully transparent bridge - realized for example
with bridge-utils, but this didn't seem to work up to now, I could not
set this up successfully. Searching the net for 2 hours now did not
solve my problems. So my question goes here.

Is it possible to do wireless bridging with wireless cards (Atheros)
without WDS? (A link from the Linux foundation states "No!":
) If not, is it possible to do wireless bridging using WDS, but at the
same time using WPA?

Any hint would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

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