nl80211 driver problem

Holger Schurig holgerschurig
Fri Jul 16 00:21:48 PDT 2010

> What are those debug messages from?

>From the kernel.

You can compile the kernel wireless code to include debug messages. In this 
case you see when you associate/disassociate.

Your idea that this messages are from wpa_supplicant is wrong. ONLY kernel 
messages can end up in "dmesg". wpa_supplicant's messages can end up in 
/var/log/*, thought.

> It looks like you are able to successfully associate to an AP in managed
> mode. What command did you type to get said above messages? 

Probably no command typed at all. Many distribitions install and run wireless 
stuff by default, e.g NetworkManager.

However, Alan, make sure that NetworkManager doesn't use your card. Then use 
"ifconfig -a" to find out your interface name, e.g. usually "wlan0".
Make sure that your hostapd configuration use the correct device.

If this fails, run hostapd with -d or -dd and provide that log to this mailing 


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