0.6.9 options ANSWERED

don don
Fri Jul 9 12:14:22 PDT 2010

Go to the source, Don...

CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE_DBUS=y also needed in .config file for DBus command

On Fri, 09 Jul 2010 10:34:18 -0500, don <don at waldohealth.com> wrote:
> I've had second thoughts about rolling forward to 0.7.2 yet because of
> changes throughout the API, but I'm having issues with 0.6.9 built from
> Ubuntu-supplied source. I got to compile and it runs with
> CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE=y, as does wpa_cli, but when I add the -u option to my
> command line it gives me its help screen and refuses to run. Without
> option, the DBus refuses to work which makes it all moot.
> I can get along without wpa_cli -- I was just using it for monitoring --
> but I need DBus. The prebuilt package seems to give me both, but I can't
> debug.
> The -u option is in the usage: line but not in the options: of the help
> message, so I'm thinking I don't have a .config option set correctly?
> README talks about -u but there is nothing mentioned in it about any
> file options. The command line simply fails when u is added and succeeds
> when it is not... but without DBus.
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