0.7.2 on Ubuntu

don don
Fri Jul 9 07:08:29 PDT 2010

I decided to try building 0.7.2 again from source to have access to GDB
symbols and the latest DBus API, but I see an error that's cropped up on
lists before: 

 CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE not defined - wpa_cli disabled

I've tried compiling 0.6.9 from an Ubuntu source download and 0.7.2 from
Jouni's Hostap server without Ubuntu patches, and I get the same error from
both. The precompiled version shipped with Ubuntu 10.04 works fine.

Is this something I can just insert into the make command line or

I didn't see an explanation of a value to insert there; it was implied
from the list posts that compiling from the hostap source would fix it.

Thanks in advance! :D
Don Wilde
Waldo Health, Inc.
o: +11 512-219-0302
c: +11 512-749-6447

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