sequence of associating to a new WAP using PHP and DBus

don don
Mon Jul 5 12:34:51 PDT 2010

On Mon, 05 Jul 2010 12:48:46 -0500, don <don at> wrote:
> One of my issues was that I didn't understand the difference between an
> object path, i.e., a string, and a 'path o'. That could use more

I still don't, methinks. The way I coded it in my previous e-mail the
selectNetwork() succeeded, but it was not switching to my network. 

When I put the string of the BSSID object path in the selectNetwork()
parameter, it dies without even triggering an exception. When I proxy that
as an object the command succeeds but it just triggers another scan cycle
that may or may not associate with my desired WAP.

    $ap_sel = $d->createProxy( "fi.epitest.hostap.WPASupplicant",
"fi.epitest.hostap.WPASupplicant.Interfaces" );

As I say, the command is accepted but all it does is scan again.
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