sequence of associating to a new WAP using PHP and DBus

Holger Schurig holgerschurig
Mon Jul 5 01:01:21 PDT 2010

Hi !

> However, an iwconfig gives me an

While not related to your real-problem, you're doing something fundamentally 
broken: basing a new design an WEXT and "iwconfig".

iwconfig for example cannot really tell you if you're connected or not. It 
plays tricks by giving back a wrong SSID or a wrong BSSID, but even that works 
different when you use different cards.

Use nl80211 instead, both in your kernel and in wpa_supplicant. And use "iw" 
instead of "iwconfig" & friends.

> occasionally. It seems obvious that my values are getting accepted but not
> validated by the addNetwork(), but they are causing selectNetwork() to
> choke.

Did you try this:

a) run wpa_supplicant with a .conf file
b) use wpa_cli to display the network blocks
c) now use you DBUS code to make the changes you want
d) again use wpa_cli to display the network blocks again
   (maybe you use "get_network", but if you think the PSK hasn't
   been transferred correctly, you might want to try "save_config"
   and look at the newly written config file)

If the network blocks aren't what you expected, change you code and repeat at 
c). You now know at least what piece of information is missing.


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