WPS-enabled Bss and other WPS related questions

Tomasz Bursztyka tomasz.bursztyka
Thu Dec 2 04:43:57 PST 2010


I am currently figuring out which Bss provide WPS, and current situation 
seems to be to parse IEs buffer in Bss properties. No mention of wps is 
made anywhere else. Is that normal or am I missing something?

If parsing IEs is the only solution that's fine but:
- old dbus api used to provide "wpsie" for a bss and that was quite easy 
then to know wether or not a bss provided wps.
- would it be then relevant to reintroduce such property? (I could do 
the patch)

Also, Start() method from WPS interface provides association with (or 
not) bssid argument. It tends to be less obvious to use than by ssid. If 
I have 2 ap sharing same ssid, the two ones providing wps, then the 
easiest is to ask Start() without any bssid (since I might not be aware 
of their respective bssid). What if we could request Start() with an 
ssid argument, to filter out bss by ssid? If such argument would be 
provided with a bssid then only the bssid would matter and it would 
ignore the ssid, if ssid would be alone then we would filter out Bss 
based on that ssid.

Do you think it would be relevant to get such optional argument? (I 
could provide the patch also)

Best regards,


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