EAPOL Key Timeout 1/4

Ben Gamari bgamari.foss
Thu Oct 22 13:04:59 PDT 2009

Excerpts from Daniel R?nnqvist's message of Wed Oct 21 03:01:07 -0400 2009:
> Hi again,
> when running hostapd (nl80211/bcm4306 on a ppc mac) with kernel 2.6.30
> it works kind of ok. One of my two laptops at home can connect and
> that's the one usually having better connection to any AP (stronger
> signal). The other one can connect but will get disconnected after a
> few minutes. Both are WinXP.
> When running with kernel 2.6.31 it wont work at all, the EAPOL keys
> are only rarely seen going out on wlan0 when I use tshark. If they go
> out they are answered by the client (verified with wireshark on
> client) but the response is never seen on the AP side. This was my
> problem when I first posted this issue.
> With and 2.6.32-rc I get kernel scheduler errors in my dmesg and soon
> after starting to send traffic over the wlan the machine crashes, it's
> an RC after all.
> So going back to 2.6.30 kind of solves my problem, except for one of
> my XP machines but I can't really blame hostapd for that, can I? ;)
> Just thought I would let you know if there's anyone having the same problem.
I think I'm actually seeing the exact same issue. I was pinning the
blame on the b44 driver, but I'll try going back to 2.6.30 when I get
home and see if that helps.

- Ben

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